Monday, November 17, 2008

Academic Freedom, or Agitation?

Talk Ottawa's James Hendricks interviews internationally-recognized expert on academic freedom Professor Denis Rancourt.

1. Intro: The Ongoing Battle at the University of Ottawa.
Academic Freedom, or Academic Standards?

2. Academic Squatting.
Independent Thinkers, or Obedient Employees?

3. Tenure.
Free Speakers, or Muzzled Servants?

4. The Activism Course.
Teach What's Best, or Teach What They Tell You?

5. Grades and Obedience.
Guided Inquiry, or Oppressive Conformity?

6. Conformity in Academia.
Indoctrination for Misery, or Rebellion for Greater Life Expectancy?

7. Inspiring Books.
Pedagogy of the Oppressed by Paulo Freire.
Disciplined Minds by Jeff Schmidt.

8. President Allan Rock and
the Politically-Motivated Deregistration of Undergrad Marc Kelly.
Acceptable Behaviour, or Dangerous Power?

9. Respect For Authority.
What Happens if Everybody is a Marc Kelly?